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Guru? No thank you

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Guru? No thank you

Сообщение Admin » 22 авг 2013, 19:11

It might be just my perception but lately more and more property insiders are asking me for my "take" on the market, both currently and for the near to mid-term future.

Time was that these conversations were, frankly, in lieu of knowing what else to talk about - a "how's business?" throwaway line when stumped for something else to say at a networking evening. Usually when I respond I sense that my conversation partners are looking over my shoulder for some tasty bit of stuff (or hunk in the case of the ladies) to walk in the room and take their mind off my chuntering.

But now I sense a change. The people are actually listening .. and that frightens the hell out of me. I'm not convinced I can happily shoulder the responsibility. Sure, I produce a property magazine and I put my best into it. I try hard to reflect what is happening in the market. But I'm content with the reporting role and get a little uncomfortable with the guru label.

I jokingly tell people that if I knew so much about the property market in Pattaya I would be seriously rich by now. And there is many a true word spoken in jest.

Yes I used to do a regular radio slot which suggests I felt I had some "expertise" about the property market. But most of the time I tried to project myself as a guy who knew what was happening which is not the same as knowing what to do about it.

If you like, I'm the guy who tells you there is a party on Saturday night. But, should you go to it... and will it be any good? Well that's not my call. "You should go - it will be great!" No, that's not me, somehow. What if it turns out to be a dud? DB's already fragile dependability would go down a notch or three.

So what do I say when people actually seem keen to listen to my property views? Well, given I would prefer to be pouring the tea rather than trying to read the tea leaves, I don't say a lot. But what I do say is that much depends on if you are a cup is half full or half empty type of person.

The half full people applaud the increasing number of holiday attractions here; praise plans to improve infrastructure that could make Pattaya a very simple commute to Bangkok; note terrific efforts by the tourism authority (TAT) to attract more visitors to Thailand - all of which bode well for the future property in this city.

The half empty folk worry about over-supply of units a few years down the line; talk about the reduced number of clients in low season like it has never happened before; bemoan the fact that there will be another recession. You can bet there will be, but when is another matter? I promise that if I knew that I would tell you.

Me? I'll continue to report things as impartially as I can. It's not in my interests to talk down property trends so I'll aim to stay in the "half full" school of thought.
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